Most Safe Destinations to Travel in the World

Planning your holidays is exciting, and the level of thrill goes to its ultimate if you are going abroad. However, you may have some safety concerns while thinking of visiting a specific destination. To assist you while choosing the safest places to visit in the world, here are some of the best recommendations.


Slovenia is referred to as the 7th safest country in the world. The Global Peace Index awards this rating to Slovenia. Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia holds the title of Green Capital of Europe. It is a safe and interesting place to visit. Especially, the banks of its river offer a warm and unique cafe culture.


Zambia and the UK together hold the 41st position as the safest places on the earth. It is home to Victoria Falls, which is one of the most spectacular waterfalls around the globe. The wildlife is also amazing with plenty of zebras, lions, and other interesting things to explore.


According to GPI, the rank of Chile among the safest countries in Latin America is 24th. The capital, Santiago, is a vibrant city and offers endless possibilities for the visitors. Going further to the south, you will get an ample supply of lakes, beaches, and volcanoes. While keep moving towards the south, you can reach the gateway to Antarctica.

New Zealand

It is the 2nd safest city in the world. Kiwis welcome you with an assurance that there is nothing to worry about their Pacific islands. There is plenty to see and explore including subtropical, glacial, and volcanic landscapes.


You can enjoy camping on any public land in Norway and it’s legal as well as free. Roaming around at different tourist attractions in Norway is safe and secure. It is ranked as the 14th safest places on the earth.


The sense of security is at its highest level when you are traveling to Japan. It is ranked as the 10th safest place according to GPI. Moreover, it offers you exquisite food, serene landscapes, and natural healthcare facilities.


The crime rate recorded in Singapore is the lowest and it holds a rank in between the Tokyo and Osaka when it comes to safety. The architecture is simply breathtaking. The gardens and cultural diversity is something worth seeing.


Austria is a magical destination, offering a mesmerizing feel for the tourists. It holds the 4th position among the world’s safest countries. It is serene, beautiful, and unbelievable when you think about natural beauty. Cobblestones and Salzburg’s gardens will welcome the tourists with great warmth. This part of the world is rich in lake vistas, castles, Alpine mountains, and medieval towns.


The Porto’s charm, beaches of Algarve, and Lisbon’s painted tiles, all are awaiting you. It is worth visiting this tourist destination. It is the 3rd safest country according to GPI standards. This coastal country allows you to enjoy your holidays in a stress-free and relaxed manner.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a place, showing life at its best. There is plenty of joy, adventure, love and respect for the visitors. It is the 2nd safest country in Latin America. In fact, it is the happiest country on the face of our earth. This could be the best choice when planning your holidays in 2019.