Things Must to Experience While Visiting London

There is no second opinion about the fact that London is one of the most desired travel destinations. Rich in culture and history, this city offers an endless supply of attractions for the tourists. Despite being an expensive city, London still manages to get a huge turnover when it comes to the overall number of tourist or visitors. The city is famous for its luxurious hotels, shopping malls, and historic museums.

Given below are the best tourist attractions offered by London.

Museum of London

It is a stunning landmark and architectural masterpiece, offering legendary exhibitions associated with British history. Here you can find various aspects of London and their historical perspective. There are over one million objects to see and explore. It is surely a great option for history lovers.

Royal Botanical Garden 

The Royal Botanical Garden is an impressive piece of architecture that resembles a transparent railway terminal. Here you can see exquisite flowers and plants. The historic palm house even has a tropical rainforest of its own. It’s a place that offers calmness and allows you to relax for a while.

Tower Bridge

Although having resemblance with the London Bridge, the Tower Bridge offers a splendid view and holds an independent place in history. It can split into two sections to offer safe passage for the ongoing river traffic. Walking on the glass path gives an unbelievable feeling to the pedestrians.

Buckingham Palace

It is an iconic place to visit, as this palace is the official residence of the Queen. George III bought this palace for Queen Charlotte in 1761. Although it has undergone numerous renovations, the true features of this palace are still in their original state. It remains open for the tourists from July to September every year.

30 St Mary Axe 

This magnificent glass skyscraper is 41 stories high. Popular as “The Gherkin”, this building was constructed in 2004. It is one of the modern structures in London, which are impressive as well as functional. Its iconic design and location make it the ideal tourist attraction. The building isn’t open for tourists. However, one can ascertain that the views from above its peak would be incredible.

London Transport Museum

This museum takes you back into the history of London’s transport system. There is everything that was once part of the transport system of London, including vehicles, infrastructure, old recordings, relics, and photographs.

Big Ben

Big Ben is a popular name for The Elizabeth Tower. It holds the reputation as the most important landmark of London metropolis. The name comes from a huge bell that is hanging inside the tower. The building is almost 150 years old and still serves as the identity of London.

London Eye Ride

It is a massive Ferris wheel, situated at the bank of River Thames. Since it was built in 2000, it is also famous as “The Millennium Wheel”. It is 443 feet high and 120 meters in diameter. It offers an astounding 360° view of London from the capsules.

Hyde Park

Being located in the heart of London, Hyde Park is popular for its monuments, open spaces, and greenery. This park was opened to tourist and public in 1637. It is still the largest royal park in London.