Top Smartphone Applications for Safe Travelling

Are you traveling abroad for a trip, there are numerous aspects that you should keep in mind to make your journey a pleasant one. This includes looking for an affordable flight, hotel, and commuting facilities.

To help you in this regard, we have compiled a list of some of the best Smartphone applications for a safe and fun loaded traveling. You can use them to book a flight and track your flights for a seamless journey.

To know more about these travel apps, please continue reading.


Kayak is one of the best trip-planning apps, as it helps you to search across different travel sites for hotels, flights and rental cars. This app also offers some exclusive deals that you can’t find at any other app. You can set price forecast or price alerts and analyze whether you should buy tickets or wait for some time.


Skyscanner offers everything from hotels, flights to rental cars. This app looks for the best and affordable choice depending on your budget and preferences. It shares some resemblance with Google Flights. This travel app allows you to find about the cheapest dates to fly. In addition, you can also receive the alerts in case of a change in prices.


Hopper is the ultimate choice if you are thinking of getting the cheapest flights. Just like Skyscanner and Kayak, you can plan your travel and book affordable flights. This app also tells you when to buy the plane tickets through push notifications. It can help you to save a lot in terms of travel cost.


Available in almost 84 countries and over 800 cities, Uber is referred to as the best ride-hailing app. This service may turn out to be handy especially when you are abroad. You can compare the ride cost of different vehicles and select one that suits you. You can track the approaching ride’s location. Payment is secure and you can use cash or debit card for this purpose.

Hotel Tonight

Being a reliable service, Hotel Tonight can offer you last-minute deals. You can avail discounts on empty hotel rooms. Booking a room takes only ten seconds. Moreover, 24/7 customer care service helps you to ensure everything goes the way as planned.


Airbnb is a popular online portal and app to find a home away from home. The app offers houses, condos, and rooms at cheaper prices. In addition, you can enjoy the experience of living with the locals in their home. It also guides you about the local events due to take place in the coming months.


Citymapper is growing at a fast pace, including more and more destination. It is one of the best travel apps to look for and use public transportation. It can also connect you to different ridesharing services. With this app, you can choose the fastest and affordable way to commute across the city or outside your destination.

Google Maps

Everyone knows Google Maps as being the most trusted navigation app. You can use it to know the direction while traveling via car, on foot, bike or through public transit. You can download the map of particular areas and use it in an offline mode.